Digital silk A results-driven creative digital agency focused on Growing Brands Online. They are specialized in Branding & Digital Strategies, Custom Web Design & eCommerce, Results-Driven Digital Marketing, Mobile App Development.

we have did brand design and web ui with figma tools first. The design is approved by Gabriel Shaoolian than we went for development.

we had some challenges designing in the website but we overcome all by extreme effort from our web designing team.

Figma  UI/UX  Design                 01

Every pages we designed with brand guideline, aesthetic color swatch and consistent of font style, margin and padding with accurate measurement for Digital silk. Also designed mobile version as well.

fonts & colors                 02



semibold 600

bold 700

Branding                 03

We did logo, brand color, brand guidelines etc. for Digital Silk.

Grid system                 04

We follow 12 grid bootstrap formate to make the website responsive in all device.

Design Screen Showcase              05
Our strategical design KPI growth increase more than before of Digital Silk. client just loved to collaborate with us again and again with the result. Gabriel Shaoolian is very happy with this result.


Mobile Conversion Growth


Web Perfomance Value


Brand Awareness Increase